7th May 2019


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3rd September 2017

Malmesbury Carnival 2017

Last night the Band took part in the Malmesbury Carnival. Nice little Carnival in a lovely looking Town. There were plenty of well deserved stops on the way and the weather was great . Nice to see a good sized Band considering the distance some members had to travel. Photos to follow in our Gallery soon.
7th August 2017

Bowood Great British Prom

On Sunday 6th of August the band took part in the Great British Prom at Bowood House in Wiltshire. We turned out 20 members including our Pipe Majors  three young students along with the Home County Pipe Band . It was a long day with rehearsals in the afternoon and the performance in the evening to which it stayed free from rain. It was a great experience for our newest members of the band playing along side the National Symphonic Orchestra as well as the singing group Only […]
1st May 2015

Farewell, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen

Within the last six months, the Southern Jacobites have lost two of their most valued assets: Joe MacDonald and John MacDonald. Joe MacDonald, ex Drum Major of the Queen’s Own, departed our ranks to retire in November 2014. After a vast career, spanning over a few decades, he felt it was time to hang up his mace. His last venture with the band was Andover Remembrance Parade, a very fitting close to his career, having been a military man. All we can say is that we are truly […]